Native UI .nki examples + Documentation => ideas

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Hi =)

I saw that the Native UI development is in closed-alpha/beta status. If I may suggest an idea: It would be really cool if there were many more, realistic, creative examples in the documentation. The most user and developer friendly approach would be to have concrete, testable, downloadable .nki examples as well. There are always scattered examples in forums, as there's a great community, for example, at VI Control. But it's true that it takes years for enough examples to accumulate, for several examples to be born for every type of widget/method. Since it's a huge job to create a new language, it's clear that such detailed and modern documentation is a big ask. Therefore, I would like to offer the following: I, (and I'm sure many others) would gladly contribute a few reviewed, tested examples. Obviously, I have a lot of work to do, like anyone else, but a little help with the power of the community can really achieve great results. So, as a form of relaxation, I'd be happy to put together a few examples, even regularly, with testable .nki versions, which would improve the learning curve. After all, from the pictures / gifs / mp4s, it's immediately clear what's needed, does what, what's good: One picture/video says more than a thousand words... 😎

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