How can I get my old Kontakt 5 projects to work in Kontakt 7 in digital performer?

benaji Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

I have a new Mac and wanted to do all clean installs. I also upgraded from Kontakt 5 to 7. Now when I load an old DP project that contains an instance of Kontakt 5 it loads Kontakt 5 but all of the instruments show demo expired. I do see Kontakt 5 audio unit in my plugin in DP settings and it says it has passed. Also DP asked when I started if I wanted to upgrade problems that were related to legacy instruments. At first I denied that but ran into the demo expired warning. I then asked DP to deal with the legacy instruments (whatever they were) and DP crashed. Now I cannot load the project at all without an infinitely appearing warning that there is an issue with and un named AU. Any suggestions?

Also, I would hope that in the future I would be able to have old files automatically open in Kontakt 7. Is that possible in DP?

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