Can't add to cart the Traktor Pro 3 software

mk.mnl Member Posts: 4 Newcomer hoping someone can help me with this.

i have an s4 mk1 that i haven't used in a long while as life simply caught up. finally, had the chance to use it again only to find out that the MacBook that i was using is no longer compatible with the system requirements after NI made some patches. so now i have a windows laptop and was able to download the pro 3 version but can only do the 30-minute demo. i wanted to get the full version and since i used to have the pro 2 version, i can upgrade it for just $24.50 but the thing is, i couldn't add it in my cart. I've filed a ticket already but so far no one has ever responded. i wanted this so bad bec i want to pursue and learn more about using this hardware again. thanks in advance to those who will respond!


  • Monochrome
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    What happens exactly? Do you get any error message when trying to add it to your cart?

    What if you click on "Add to shopping cart" yet again?

    Are you, perhaps, using any script blocking plug-ins (NoScript, uBlock or similar) in your browser that could interfere with the website functionality?

  • mk.mnl
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    edited December 2023

    @Monochrome I just couldn't add it. no matter how many times i click.. also happen to have the other software (I think that was DJ 2?) and I uninstalled that, thinking that it might be interfering with traktor pro 3 but still to no avail. i got no script blocking plug ins - I was able to install pro 3 but just not the full version so I really dont understand what's preventing me from doing so.

  • dcboesche
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    I'm having the same issue. Uninstalled all of my extensions, cleared my cookie cache, and created a ticket. I can't even add the purchase to the cart. Seems like this has been happening all week for prospective purchasers, but would love to know if anyone's found a workaround.

  • Joey2k99
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    @mk.mnl has your issue been resolved yet? I'm still having this issue, which is annoying because I need the software for a party I am Djing at tomorrow night

  • Monochrome
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    Hm... It appears that the NI website is currently down/overloaded. It won't open for me at all now.

    Just yesterday I was trying to purchase something and it aborted after the address confirmation part (the part before choosing a payment method). The next attempt worked... after waiting for several minutes.

    Hopefully, this issue resolves soon...

  • Fedass
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    I have the same issue and it's verry unprofessional. The whole company is on holidays. So it looks like we are screwed hard here...

  • zephry
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    This seems to happen around Christmas alot. Everyone is using their servers? A lot of the sample packs and the production downloads are also happening. I am sure they are adding what they can. They want the money. Lol

  • mk.mnl
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    unprofessional indeed. i mean, who goes on to operate a business and not leave a skeletal force help their clients out? i even created a twitter/X account to hopefully get an answer but their account had a note saying "account is currently inactive". i check my email almost everyday but I still have not heard from anyone on the 2 tickets i filed for this incident.

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