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So I got an email saying that I've got a great £45 off voucher as long as I spend over £90. Surprise surprise, most of the VSTs are £89 or even more infuriating £89.50. Anyone feel like this is a bit of a cynical trick by NI? Like I thought I'd quite like the Session Ukulele instrument, if I used my £22 voucher (a freebie from my recent S88 purchase) and my £45 discount that would mean I could get that instrument for £22. But all the terms and conditions for these so called vouchers and discounts mean I'd have to end spending more than the original cost of the VST that I want to unlock the discounts... doesn't fill me with good will towards NI to be honest.


  • Dalski
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    I hear ya! Also wanted to pick up Session Percussionist but as that's £89...no can do 😏. Guess I'll wait!

    Anyone have any idea how long after a release NI generally waits until including newer releases in the sales?

  • daylighthousekeeper
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    No idea - It's a shame though seeing as I've forked out over £1500 over the last 2 years on NI stuff, and the supposed perks and rewards seem to be just ways of pulling you in to the store to spend more.

  • mykejb
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    @daylighthousekeeper @Dalski Add a cheap product to your basket alongside the £89 one like one of the £22 Maschine expansions. That makes the £45 NI-HOLIDAYS23-GB voucher work. You have an expansion you don't want, but you're still £23 better off!

    -- Mike

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    Isn't that just marketing in general though? Car dealers, clothing, food... get you in the door with a sale on one thing hoping you'll buy other stuff as well. NI is well aware of what they're doing when you have to spend $100 to save $50 and everything is $99. That being said, I don't think they're doing anything shady or bad. They're doing the same thing every other consumer focused company is doing.

  • Universon
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    I don't mean to downplay anyone's issue... but isn't the voucher valid against a sale containing multiple items? So.... everyone seems to only want 1 thing? Like someone else said - cheap expansion, and resell

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