Misleading Holiday Voucher issues

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The N.I. email states

"Your £45 voucher

Had your eye on our holiday deals? As a thank you for your loyalty, we’re giving you a £45 voucher to top up your savings on Komplete bundles, individual instruments, and effects when you spend £90 or more."

Trying to order this bundle which is priced £119.75:

3D Reverb Bundle | Creative reverb plugins (native-instruments.com)

Surprise surprise! the voucher doesn't work!

Misleading as it says "effects" in the blurb. What does it work with?


  • Monochrome
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    Well, it does say "The holiday e-voucher is valid for all Native Instruments software products in the NI Online Shop" in the email and in the T&C on this site.

    Based on that, I doubt it works on iZotope products.

  • LX World
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    edited December 2023

    It also says "iZotope by Native Instruments" on the iZotope page in question. The devil is in the detail!

  • mykejb
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    @LX World The voucher applied successfully here, assuming you're talking about the NI-HOLIDAYS23-GB code. Showed me a £45 discount on the Stratus/Symphony reverb bundle. Were you logged into the site under your usual email when you tried the purchase?

    -- Mike

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