Do you have any friends who are using the new version of the NI MK3 keyboard?

There are two issues. Firstly, the MK3 automatically jumps to Daw mode after booting up, and pressing the Plug In mode afterwards does not respond.

The second is how to link the piano with Kontakt in the arrangement (it is said that the new MK3 can support Kontakt). Currently, Kontakt can be tried and selected in the piano, but there is no response in the software

And currently, there is no way to choose the Plug In mode


  • chk071
    chk071 Member Posts: 342 Pro
    edited December 2023

    It would help if you would name your computer's operating system, your DAW, and the version of your keyboard's firmware.

  • Guantiantian
    Guantiantian Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Mac 12.4. Daw:cubase The firmware version should be 1.0 after activation, and I have studied it again. Komplete can switch to Plug In mode, but Kontakt7 cannot? Don't you support Kontakt7?

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