BLANK SCREEN when I open Komplete Kontrol

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I have a file with 60 tracks... 10-15 from Komplete Kontrol. "not a heavy track imho" Each Track has information for less than a minute. I tried everything listed in the P.S. But I end up with this BLANK SCREEN. Previously I used to get "unstable plugin" after using a file for a while. But then when I opened Komplete Kontrol separately, it got better. But now nothing works.

As long as I am using this file, It feels like This is the state. I am able to browse on the keyboard though. Occational switching on and off of the keyboard brings the plugin browser back.


Logic updated, restarted, plugins reseted, komplete Kontrol reinstalled.

Recently bought M2 mac with komplete kontrol and logic and a bunch of plugins installed.

Happens only with KK. I can load Kontact etc. without issues.

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  • Digitalocean
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    I'm experiencing the same issue. M2 Mac Studio. Good install and all updates. Just Komplet Kontrol. I'd love some answers on this. For me it is on track one, replacing an instrument. I tried on a track with Battery loaded and inserted KK and it displays fine.

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    I have a stupid fix. Really upsurd similar to what they mention here: And its pretty reliable.

    Open the blank plugin in another screen. Click on another window which engulfs the plugin window and then back to logic and it works perfectly. Until of course you close the window. It's a work around, but it works... Horrible.

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    Well, hate to bearer bad news but similar issue on Windows with Ableton was reported almost 2 years ago now in the old V2 software, it has still never been fixed.

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    An issue like this also happens when hosting Komplete Kontrol in Vienna Ensemble Pro. The GUI is white in this case with both the AU version and VST3 version of KK. Toggling any window in front of the GUI, or switching to another app and then back to VEPro fixes the issue until you open another instance. Also unsnapping the plugin and then snapping it back into place in VEPro [Vienna Ensemble Pro term for those who don't know] cause the GUI to appear instantly. The VST3 version of KK seems to retain it's GUI better than the AU version but this shouldn't be an issue at all. Hopefully this gets remedied quick. I think people think this is limited to Logic, but it isn't in my case.

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    I'm experiencing a similar issue in Logic w KK3. I also get the same blank UI, but for me it's a sometimes bug. Sometimes KK3 will open up correctly with visible UI and sometime it will open up with blank UI. Unfortunately, it opens up to the black UI most of the time, which is obviously very frustrating. I would almost say KK3 is broken from me. It's not really usable in this state.

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    Yes - can someone from NI please help with this? I open up a recent song - and I can't see the instrument I'm using because it's just a blank screen! Very frustrating...
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