NI Pultec

smiffryan Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

Hello Native Instruments community!

Recently I was wondering about the various development possibilities of your products, especially in the area of sound processing. As a long-time user of your instruments and effects, I noticed that your assortment lacks emulation of the iconic Pultec equalizer (unless I missed something, but I don't think so :))

Have you ever considered creating your own version of Pultec-style EQ? I think it would be a perfect addition to your offer, considering the popularity and unique nature of the sound offered by this type of equalizer.

Pultec is known for its warm and colorful sound that adds a unique character to each signal. It would be fantastic if we had the chance to use such a tool directly within your plugins or programs.

What do you think about such a proposal? Do you have any plans to expand your effects collection in this direction? I'd love to hear your perspective on this, as well as the community's thoughts on the matter.

Thank you in advance for your answers and I wonder what you think about this proposal!


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