Maschine Plus Screen Pixel Out

RussellClash Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I have a Maschine Plus that has less than 2hrs of runtime in it's lifetime- and about thirty minutes of that was drumming on the pads... yet, I turned on for the first time in months and there is a pixel out on the left LCD screen. Is that common with these units? and I cannot find any contact information for addressing this with NI, which is also concerning.



  • kamikaze1980
    kamikaze1980 Member Posts: 20 Member

    I’ve owned every version of maschine hardware and I’ve never experienced this. My plus’s does not get much use as standalone but has been on for days at a time with no display issues, in controller mode. My Mk3 and my plus’s were both purchased on release. I do believe there are some issues with first batch of mashcine plus as mine is still not very stable after all the updates that seemed to help others. 🤷🏼 I’d put in ticket for support for sure. Also it’s the holidays so probably gonna have to be patient. I’m still waiting on a simple yes or no answer for the last two weeks.

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