Komplete Kontrol & MK3 Feedback Continued...

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I think many of us were disappointed about the closure of Vagus's thread and I don't think it is getting reopened and so why not pick up where we left off in a new thread? Maybe people will keep it 100% civilized this time so that it doesn't get closed yet again!



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    2) Make effects in KK actually usable by adding an effect plugin version, enabling automation to be recorded by hosts, and saveable fx chains.

    Unless I am misunderstanding your meaning, we already have all the effects plugins available in our DAWS. You can even create custom effects user presets in KK standalone and then later access those user presets in your DAW.

    Studio One 6.5.

    And in Cubase 13

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    I have a very small request for KK3.

    When opening KK3, do not have the "plugin chain" panel selected and opened at the top by default.

    My first action after opening is to deselect and get rid of this top panel that is wasting so much space.

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    Bringing back the browsing of both Banks and Sub Banks from the software 

    Knew there was something I forgot :) Added to list

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    Good luck. I asked for this to be considered about 3 years ago.

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    Since @Matt_NI had committed to and was doing a great job of communicating on a thread that has now been closed, I imagine he will be willing to pick up right where he left off here on this continuation of Vagus's original thread.

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    @MyStudioOne I closed the thread but I guess you are trying to ping @Matthew_NI to re-add to the conversation

  • Kymeia
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    Added a bit more on NKS editing as I am trying to edit some patches in the KK3 version just to try and get used to it but it is a lot harder for several reasons.

    1) First you have to click the little i icon to find the edit panel (it's not really clear to new users) but then you have to click again on another icon (pencil) in a completely different place at the top right to actually edit the NKS, this is a much more complex process than it was before - too many mouse clicks

    2) Rightclick/delete has also been removed - why? It's very useful for if you make a mistake in editing and want to delete on the fly, or just to remove dupes from the database. Now you have to manually delete the NKS file then rescan which is a much more lengthy process

  • Vagus
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    Some bits from me:

    1. Some plugins no longer allow you to map controls, where they did in 2.9, i.e BT Phobos. The plugin hasn't changed, only KK.
    2. Spitfire Audio dedicated plugins do not expand, due to the way KK 3.x deals with plugin display. Dedicated plugins also do not show under Spitfire Audio vendor. If vendor is now the default view, this should be fixed asap.
    3. I don't see the importance of viewing nks preset info, when edit could be the single button. If NI wants a view preset info, have the 'i' icon, but then a pencil icon immediately next to it to save button presses.

    Also - Bug hunt:

    1. The macro to save a preset does not work when caps lock is on in Windows.
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    We need robust editing capabilities, that's for sure. But somebody should be on flyswatter duty too. It's time for old bugs to finally be dealt with. Particularly now that NI is making use of QT and other modern development tools, we shouldn't be forced to live with these bugs like they are pets.

    I throw down my gauntlet as a challenge for this new year. Okay, it was a rubber glove because I just got done handling raw meat, but still! Make it so that the user is not slowed down or impeded by the software. In other words: Make it so that my only limits are my own!

    Happy 2024!

  • Vagus
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    Adding the idea I had about the rotary encoder using it's lights rotating to show the tempo, when you're using another instrument to record. I'd add that thinking about it, pulsing lights would be better.

    This would be an AMAZING addition to MK3, specifically. Off topic, I know...

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