Questions about individual sounds of instruments during YouTube Live

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I own the Complete Collector's Edition

I compose music as a hobby, and occasionally broadcast live on YouTube.

After a live performance, I always change some of it to public, but I want to make the live video produced after the song is completed public.

So, I had a moment of concern.

When I select drum sounds (for example, individual sources of Battery 4) during a live performance, the sound comes out, right?

Could this be a problem?

If it is not a problem, I would like to change the past live videos to public.

I wanted to contact the native company about this, but couldn't find their email... so I'd like to know their official opinion.

Please reply quickly!

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    you are allowed to use the sounds, so that's also valid for videos. As long as you don't just create some sample packs out of native samples it's all fine.


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