Kontakt-Komplete Kontrol Crash on changing wave source inside Lores, Fable, Vocal Color..

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Hello i don't have test all the instruments, but it seems ok with Straylight, Gravity2, Haunted Space,..

I'm using the last version of all the softs (Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol, etc)

The bug seems (in fact nor completly, just read after) just appear inside the DAW (Studio One Pro); i doesn't have any other one to test further. I've send a dump to her support in the case it's Presonus concern.

In Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol Standalone it's ok.

Edit: not totally ok, there's some curious "hickups" when loading some sounds: the application seems freezing, but comes back 3-4 secondes after. I'm on a I7 32Go RAM SSD, so not a classical behaviour..perhaps the reason that makes crashing the DAW.

When Komplete Kontrol is on a track, launching Kontakt in another track create sometimes a bug message, but not fatal to the DAW.

The behaviour: when we try to change another wave in a preset, the first and second change is ok, but the third crash all the daw, the sound continuing in a short repeatable pattern.

Changing the sound with left/right arrow, without quiting the main page (so without making appear the sample list page where picking some of them crash the daw) is perfectly ok...

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