How is guitar rig?

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Never used it, does it have good cabinet sims?



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    Hi, I've recently been demoing ampsim plugins and I find Guitar Rig as good as others so the preference IMO comes down to the interface and usability, plus the amount of amps and effects.

    What is a "good" amount is also personal. With a lot of options you get option-paralysis, with too few options you sacrifice flexibility. For me GR is just right.

    It has quite a lot of cabsims, I find them generally better than the competitors, since they are smoother and not so dark. The only ampsim I tried that have better cabs is NeuralDSP, they are super smooth.

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    It's okay. I got it as part of Komplete, which I got during the Summer of Sound sale. For that price and the whole Komplete bundle it is great. However, if all you want is the guitar stuff I would highly recommend getting Helix Native instead. It goes on sale often and the sounds and midi support are much better IMHO. I also have some plugins from Neural DSP and again the sounds and midi support are better. Not saying GR is bad, just that for a guitar player only there are better options IMHO.

    Also, helix and the neural stuff are still getting support and updates. It's pretty clear that GR isn't getting any more features or updates at this point. I don't have any official statement to back that up, but look at the feature requests here and the update history of GR. Seems kinda dead...

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    Actually it's not clear that GR isn't getting any features and updates. NI Staff has posted that there will be new ICM components with a target date of Q2 this year, once they get the Apple issues sorted.

    And as far as a lack of updates goes, they have added around a dozen components after the original V6 release. In the last year and a half they've added more components to Guitar Rig than they did during the 10 years Guitar Rig 5 was current.

    There are some sounds I like in GR6, but it's not my go-to amp sim.

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    Confirming that GR is not dead and it's indeed getting updates this year. 😀

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    That's good to hear, but I sure hope it's something really exciting. No offense meant, but Helix and Neural DSP are kinda blowing you all away. Look on any reddit post where people ask for guitar plugin advice and Guitar Rig is definitely not one of the usual suggestions.

    Having said that, I love Komplete and will be buying the 14 upgrade as soon as it releases 😍

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    you can very easily just try out Guitar Rig for yourself. The demo version is completely free and fully functional.

    You can get it here:

    There are two types of cabinets in Guitar Rig:

    • The Matched Cabinet and Matched Cabinet Pro - very easy to use for quick results
    • The Control Room and Control Room Pro - more tweaking options and you can mix up to eight cabinets
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    @toddkc Neural DSP is pretty neat ngl

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    Also try line 6 helix native . i have gr6, helix, and neural dsp . They all have good features some are better than others but i would say all need tweaking to your liking. Gr6 seems like its at a standstill to be honest. I mean its been 10 years and They added 3 amps and a new cab section . I dont know what the poster above is talking about. If you are new to Gr6 there is tons of stuff to keep you busy and the fx are some of the best. I use them to mix all the time. As far as cab sims google free cab/sims ir files if you cant find any stock ones you like. I buy Komplete because for the money theres nothing else like it Bang for Buck. You just learn to be patient because they have a pretty big portfolio to deal with.

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    If you are using Reaper, definitely check out the demo. It takes me 56 seconds to load the VST and nearly as long for the UI to update when changing presets. It just sits on your creative process' chest and laughs at your lost time. I'm bitter about missing the 50% off sale by a week, then having this PO....something app. Sounds great, plays poorly with other children.

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    That is unfortunate and I get your frustration. For the record I also use Reaper and do not have this issue. I agree of course that everyone should try all the various demos available and decide which product works best for them.

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    I always look for how responsive a guitar amp simulation is to playing dynamics especially in the 'edge of breakup' sounds. Somehow almost any floor- or plugin processor can put out good distorted or clean sounds. But those that just have a hint of overdrive and gets more driven with a little push on your guitars volume knob or volume pedal are more difficult to be convincing. Positive Grid Bias FX is the best in my opinion. Best amp and overdrive pedal models and I've tested a lot. But it lacks in reverb, chorus and delay quality. NI Guitar Rig is not the best amp sim but not bad either. And because of the inclusion modified versions of all NI's other plugins (Reverbs (RC24, RC48, Raum), Chorus/Flanger (Phasis) etc... there very strong in that department.

    Combining the two on a track is amazing. BiasFX with only a amp sim followed by Guiter Rig for the other effects.

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