is there a new F1 in development?

Hello, im using Traktor Software when playing in clubs, using an usb connection to the available mixer. Also i connect via usb the X1 MK2 for deck control and the F1 as step sequencer. This is a stable and comfortable setup for my needs.

As i want to test the new X1 MK3, i wonder if there will be an upgrade to the F1 as well? It would be nice to have a similiar design to the X1 and maybe some more features, since the initial F1 release has been years ago.

Maybe there will no be upgrade, since the Machine Mikro seems to cover most of F1 features. On the other hand the dimensions are very different to the X1 MK3, so its way more difficult to find space for X1 MK3 and Maschine Mikro in many dj booths. Does anyone have the same questions or knows more than me? thanks in advance!



  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 866 mod

    NI don't tend to pre-announce stuff so I guess the first we'll hear will be the release announcement, plus numerous influencer videos. A new F1 would be nice though!

  • Patch
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    Updated F1 would be nice. But, truthfully, the only alteration required would be to make the pads performance pads (squishy!) instead of the clicky pads we currently have...

    I love Remix Decks, but, I worry that I'm in the minority. Especially with all the focus on Stems currently...

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