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Could anyone recommend some speakers for the S2 mk3 and would these speakers come with cables or would they need to be purchased separately

thank you


  • mykejb
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    What are you going to be using the speakers for? Playing at home? House parties? Bigger parties/functions?

    There's such a range we really need a bit more context :)

    -- Mike

  • Rick66
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    Thanks Mike

    The speakers will be for home entertainment only, I bought the S2 MK3 for my 13 year grandson so we are looking at entry level costs to see if he is interested and I will have dabble myself.

    Also if I purchase the Traktor Pro 3 does that come with music or is all the music you would use music that you would purchase and download to the Traktor Kontrol.

    Thank you for all your help.

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    The keyboard connects to a computer so you use whatever speakers you use on the computer. Suggestions would be difficult given most suggestions (being a pro music forum) would need a pro grade audio interface so I would suggest, hoping your grandson has a computer already, whatever speakers he would find useful for this computer already. Hopefully you are not expecting the keyboard to be useable without a computer as that is not possible.

    Traktor is DJ software/hardware only and does not come with music, you need to use a supported music streaming service or existing MP3/Flac music files

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