NI MK3 Sequencer Feedback

Justin Evans
Justin Evans Member Posts: 27 Member

Greetings, on feedback for improving the Maschine software, could we have the following:

1- auto fader, doing fade in and outs with a mouse is very difficult.

2- auto quantization, helps when trying to record complicated tracks and most sequencers have this feature.

3- Instructions incorporated in every Maschine update how to fix library since on Intel based computers always seem to mess up library and plugins. this leads to unnecessary tickets as I have yet to have a smooth Maschine update.

4- CPU overload fix on Intel based computers please.

5- drum machine feature or blank midi templates for creating songs with intro, chorus ; different fills, etc. In other words, some drum tracks are complicated to create , especially when trying to add kick triplets. Additionally, using another artist's drum tracks are very cumbersome at best.

6- Auto track dynamics eliminator, not sure if I am explaining this correctly. Like to see a feature were you can take another artist track and strip it down to create and totally different track, so everything but the sound and midi would be eliminated.

Regards, Justin😀


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