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I'm looking for a floor stand for my Maschine+ to use it at home and on stage. In my search, I liked the On-Stage MIX-400 V2 and the Quik Lok QL-400 (sorry, I'm new, I can't post links yet): height is ajustable, wheels allows to move them easily but it looks like the minimum widths of these stands are bigger than Maschine+'s width.

Would anyone know about a stand with wheels of the same kind as these ones? Or maybe wheels aren't such a good idea and I should go for something else...




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    The minimum width difference is only 2 inches, you could just buy a piece of wood at your local store to use as a spacer on the opposite side of the SD card, or put 2 cheap rubber door stops on both sides, if you own a drill it should be easy.

    Personally, I'd just get that one (OP) and take the upper portion to any small metalworking shop to chop up a piece and weld it back together, should be easy and cheap 5min job.

    There's also tons of stands with wheels meant for laptops that should fit, not sure how sturdy those are if you tap pads aggressively tho, most are just horizontal but some do offer an adjustable angle.

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    I actually use a tall snare stand to mount my M+. What’s nice about this is that there’s very little chance it will slip because of the rubber grips and I can even change the tilt of it so that I can angle the M+ downwards and play it from behind like a percussive drum.

    Here’s the stand I use:


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    I eventually bought a Gravity LTS T 01, stable and not expensive (64 euros). No wheels, but easy to build and stable
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    How bout this one? Its larger than necessary, but this means it will also fit some extra gear (such as MIDI or Audio interface, headphones etc)

    When it comes to stands, K&M is my goto. I've had K&M stuff for years, they are built to withstand abuse


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