S4Mk3/Pro3 suddenly double-click on tempo-fader doesn´t jump anymore to +-0 ?

Hi there,

I´m mixing with SYNC-Button and during my set, the BPM mostly should rise. This was done till monday by simply double-clicking on the Tempo-fader inside TraktorPro3-software

when I do this now, the fader stands still on the position

I tried restarting software/PC/S4Mk3 (each by it´s own and always restarting Traktor) but unfortunately nothing changed

also the highlighted "Master"-icon din´t jump f.e. from Deck A to Deck B when Track A has ended - i nearly could swear that this was switching during whole sets I made the past few weeks

can someone please help me? Xmas is around the corner and I wanted to play a set today, cause the neighbours will all have visitors tomorrow, and they don´t like Techno-music ;)

THANKS in advance

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