My old drive letter for Native Instruments content is no longer available.

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I just upgraded my motherboard and the drive letter I had assigned "K" for the external drive holding my Native instruments content was consumed by some hidden drive used in that process.

So, I cannot simply change the drive letter of my external drive back to "K", as "K" is no longer available to select. The content drive is now "N."

And, in Native Access, I cannot see the "Relocate All/Repair" option that is mentioned in the documentation that would seemingly solve my problem. In Native Access I only have, for each individual module, an "Install" or "Locate" option.

Cleaning up this mess has been a nightmare and I would appreciate any help.


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    have you tried this solution:

    otherwise you will get problems when opening projects, you need to get the latter back for the content.

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    Relocate All is at the top right of the Native Access window, not next to the individual products so it's possible you've not spotted it.

    Alternatively, can you change the assigned drive mapping for the new hidden drive K: to be another drive or remove it completely? That'll allow you to put your original drive K back in the right place. You can do it in Windows without any registry editing or additional programs using Computer Management. If you don't know how just post your Windows version here and I'll drop you a walkthrough.

    -- Mike

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    Thanks. There was no Relocate All available. I checked everything and I am pretty thorough. I went through each item and performed locate on them. NA required me to reinstall a number of them, but in the end it looks like everything is accessible.

    I appreciate all of the input you have provided here.

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