Create cue points from several songs to your own track?

Hello everyone, the following question:

I would like to be able to retrieve different samples from different songs via the Cue Points in order to be able to use them for a scratch set. So far, the only way left for me is to cut these samples with the help of any software, e.g. Music Maker, to summarize them as a new file. But I find this cumbersome and would like to have the opportunity to create this directly via Traktor. I hope I was able to convey it in a reasonably understandable way. I am very grateful for tips. Thanks.


  • nickygdj
    nickygdj Member Posts: 38 Pro


    You select the deck loops, drag them onto the remix decks (each slot a sample), and then save the entire remix deck collection.

    Study the manual or some videos.

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