Traktor S4 MK3 sounds cuts off, controller turns off and back o n

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I got this controller in May 2023, using a 2023 macbook pro.

On some random occasions the controller would shut off and then come back, cutting sound.

Now it is happening every few minutes, not possible to use this in live settings as it keeps cutting off.

I submitted a ticket but I am in a bit of a rush since I have a gig on December 31.. has anyone found a solution to this issue?

I had a show this past weekend from which I had to pull out off and throw down a playlist because my controller was no longer working, I lost a bit of money from that since I could not charge in full as I had to stop DJing when the controller kept shutting off more frequently.

I tried all recommendations from NI's support section, nothing has really changed this. Hoping to get around it since I have a few incoming gigs and do not want to spend more on another piece of equipment..



  • lord-carlos
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    You could try with a different but similar power supply. But I doubt that is the issue.

  • viper9711
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    What processor does your MacBook use?

    I read here in the forum that some people probably have a problem with the M2 processor...

    For some the solution was to go back to Traktor 3.8 - this version does not use native Apple Silicon support.

    Maybe this helps

    Are you using a hub? Otherwise, always connect directly!

  • zephry
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    Does this only happen at the venue? If so maybe there are some power issues there. Could it be a grounding issue?

    A quick search of dj controller power issues gives results mostly for Pioneers controllers. The most common suggestion is to buy a powered usb hub. Or try different USB port on the laptop.

    I am not well versed with Mac. Is there a setting for USB ports you can change? On Windows there is USB sleep that I always turn off. Sometimes updates have changed settings.

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