Problems with Native Instruments support

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There does not seem to be any way to contact Native Instruments to register a complaint about their service.

I had a hardware issue with my Komplete S88 MKII and sent it to them at the end of October. They received the unit in early November and have had it since that date.

I have messaged several times on the support request but I am just getting high level responses like "I will speak to our repair centre". I also had a tracking number sent to me last Monday which is still showing as "Label Created". No other progress like being picked up. They said that because it is Christmas that it is being delayed. I don't believe that for a second.

I can create a UPS label and have a package picked up the next day without an issue. What is going on. It is so frustrating because they have had the unit for nearly 2 months now and I need it to do my work.

Any ideas on a way forward?


  • Yahor
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    We need to recognize that Native Instruments is simply a subpar company, and seek alternatives. I'm weary of their approach. And after they prohibit using their libraries for creating and selling personal loops  I no longer wish to deal with them.

  • Vic Angelo
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    their "Normal" Turn around time is not very fast during normal season, so it's probably worse during Christmas season where sales are up and End of Year employee vacations are taken as well.

    I love their products, but their team is just not big enough for fast customer service though. patience...

  • mykejb
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    That's pretty common really. Loopmasters have the same clause, as do Producerloops

    -- Mike

  • Matt_NI
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    Adding @Jeremy_NI here who might be able to find more info and push this.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @lcmorley I reviewed your support case. I checked the UPS tracking number. It says out for delivery, estimate delivery: Thursday, December 21 between 9:15 - 11:15

    There have been a few issues in these 2 months, shipping labels/custom documents being lost, unit stuck at customs, etc...You forgot to mention you are living in UK, our repair center is in Germany and that played a big role in the story.

    Now regarding the last episode. Our repair center issued the label, UPS took ages to pick it up. Not to blame it on them but just explaining that neither our support or repair center has control over that. You contacted our support on Monday, my colleague checked the UPS tracking number's status was "on the way". I don't see what would be the benefit in lying about that, especially that you also have the tracking number.

  • lcmorley
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    The issue I have is that the status was changed to "On The Way" exactly 3 minutes before he notified me about it and after it was sat in the "Label Created" status for a week before. Why did it take me raising this as an issue for it to progress. Perhaps it was the fault of UPS. The keyboard was also sat at Native Instruments for a week or so before a new label was created to send it. That happened about 3 minutes before he notified me that the label has been created. Just seems like nothing was happening without me needing to chase it.

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