Input selection no longer working in Logic Pro

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I can no longer select an input from my audio interface (Native Instruments Komplete 6 MK2) since today. Yesterday, all was working.

I Did the latest Apple Update over night. (Macbook Pro 14inch, M3 Pro, 18G, macOS Sonoma Version 14.2 (23C64)).

When I try to select an input, the channel always uses input 1. 

Driver, firmware of the interface is latest version. 

I deleted Logic and all settings files etc and reinstalled. 

Nothing seems to change the problem. 

The audio interface works fine in Ableton Live and Garageband. (This is just for testing if it works. I don't use them)


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  • Milos
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    It is better to just stick with the DAW that works properly with your plugins and your input.

    Speaking from experience, I was using these 2 DAW's (Studio One and Cakewalk).

    When I used Studio One for NI plugins, I could not hear any audio from some plugins, and other plugins could not load at all, even with the proper settings.

    As for the Cakewalk, I had no issues, every plugin worked properly, and with Cakewalk, I had much better and more flexible automation features! So, I uninstalled Studio One, so I think you did a good choice with deleting the Daw you don't need.

    For me, Studio One is Windows M.E. of DAW's.

    Cakewalk, on the other hand, is the Windows XP of all the music!

    Once again, stick to the DAW that works perfectly!

    Have fun producing and composing!

  • stenito
    stenito Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hi Milos,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have used Logic Pro without issues until today. It is the DAW that works for me.

  • Milos
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    Hmm...I know that this will be a bit stupid question, but which software is easier for you in comparison: GarageBand or Ableton?

    Just a question.

  • myabrownn
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    Sorry to hear about the issue. For a quick fix, try resetting your audio preferences in Logic Pro. Go to Logic Pro X > Preferences > Audio, then reset the I/O assignments. If the problem persists, contact Native Instruments support for specific troubleshooting with Logic Pro on the latest macOS update.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @stenito Make sure tha Logic has full disk access: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Also check it has "access to the microphone" macOS Dialog: “*App Name* would like to access the microphone."

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