New NI “ Music production process” survey: participate if you HATE (or if you love) subscriptions

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The new NI “Music production process” survey is in facts about NI moving to subscription… 25 sec about what you do and who you are and then 10 min about subscriptions models…(cit of answers given in the last months “Noooooo! Don’t worry: NI is not going to be subscription!”…)

If you want to tell them you don’t want to pay a subscription in order to use your products (and not own anything and lose access to everything you did if you stop paying)…or if au contraire you do want a subscription (why, oh why? 😂) please participate… it’s our only chance to show them that if they move to subscription we won’t follow them (even if, knowing NI, probably the decision is already taken and users opinion won’t mind to much…unless 1 million of us will tell them that they won’t see a penny from subscription)

Be only aware that once again it’s a survey done in typical NI style: first of all they call it “Music production process” while it is in facts about subscriptions…and second when they ask you to name the prices you would be interested into, you can’t put what you want…if they think your answer is not ok you won’t be able to continue

Other than this…at least for one time we have the chance to tell them if we would like it or not (even if, as said, I don’t trust it’s gonna be of any use…usually NI takes its decisions and users must adequate, it’s not user’s needs/will that dictate their offer…a little bit like the fantastic thread “New NI identity and logos: what do you think?”…useful for them just to discover the majority doesn’t like them at all…but then not give a f about the feedback 😂😂😂)

Only pity: there’s no way to add anything more personal, like eventual suggestions (I would have loved to be able at the end to write them that if they want to introduce subscriptions they are more than welcome, but ONLY IF they were a choice for the users, aka you can chose between the new subscriptions OR to continue buying and owning our software as it is now)


  • Pete_500
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    I have completed the survey and let my feelings be known. If/when NI move to subscriptions for Komplete I will stop using it. Simple as.

    If subscriptions are offered alongside buying the product then that is fine, as long as the product purchase price is not artificially inflated to 'encourage' people taking the subscription route.

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    I don't use subscriptions for accessing my software and have NO intention to ever do so. And I do not care if it is 'office packs' (M$) , 'graphics software' (Adobe) or 'music software/packs' (NI and others). If they move to subscription only then I am not going to spend any more money on N.I. !

    However I do not believe that Komplete are going to be subscription only but if they do then it is not going to be with me onboard ! However , I wouldn't put it past N.I. that the Plugin Alliance products are going to be subscription only but hopefully not !

  • Alexios
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    At the moment, it no longer matters to me that they will have something there, with such an attitude to clients, before they at least reacted somehow on the forum, with me Maschine plus does not work after update!

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    Is this an email invite survey?

    I have not seen this particular one opened to the general public.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Yes I received it through email. Sometimes it takes a little to be advertised publicly. And sometimes you know something publicly and then after one day or more you receive an email. NI ways are mysterious.

    I’m guessing if I can post the link to the survey here or if NI would have something to say even about this

  • nightjar
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    I'd guess they are making this a more controlled survey to help keep its findings more accurate with broad user sentiment.

  • mykejb
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    I have three NI accounts. Only had the email on one account that was pretty low on software.

    -- Mike

  • Matt_NI
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    @LostInFoundation You wouldn't need to add a note about having a choice since we already made clear we're not touching perpetual licenses. We already have subscription too so it's hardly news at this point.

    Subscriptions are useful for users with less immediate purchasing power and if you wanna stick with the way you've been doing things until now, it's not going to change. I get why folks wouldn't want to move to subscription if they have perpetual licenses but I really can't grasp my head around the lack of consideration for those who can't afford it or need access to tools for a shorter term.

  • Pete_500
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    and if you wanna stick with the way you've been doing things until now, it's not going to change.

    That is great news indeed!

  • LostInFoundation
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    Thank you for clarification.

    As I said, optional subscription are more than welcome, exactly for the cases and people you mentioned (maybe you missed that part, even if in some way you noticed it, since you are answering to my need to add a note).

    As you can see, no lack of consideration.

    If then we want to discuss the fact that in any case in the long term any form of subscription (except the “Rent to own” without overtaxes) will cost more even to the people who can’t afford something, that is another matter (see the case of Argentina where people started to pay even their socks with installments, just to end up with a pair of socks but debts to pay for years and no money for food…my years of economy studies thought me something…).

    Subscriptions CAN be introduced…and they are good for people wanting to try something…or wanting to use something for a very short period….but are especially good for companies. Not something to advertise like an humanitarian way to offer chances for the people who can’t afford.

    My personal view, not something to help you grasp your head

  • Matthew_NI
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    Since people have been all over this survey (Reddit etc) and confused about why we'd undertake user research, and wondering if it means we're going subscription only, I can assure you, as @Matt_NI said, that we are not.

    We have perpetual licenses today. We have subscription licenses today. We will have both tomorrow, and all are free to choose what works for them.

    I'm going to paste a comment our Chief Product Officer Simon posted on Reddit and Facebook already:

    "I want to address this head on.

    We have no plans to stop offering our software via perpetual licences.

    For many folks — including a lot of our existing customers - perpetual licences is how they want to pay for access NI software.

    But other people prefer the flexibility and low up-front costs of subscription.

    We have offered Komplete Now (our existing subscription plan) for several years now and have tens of thousands of happy customers. Many of them have gone on to purchase perpetual Komplete and that’s cool with us.

    NI has no plans to stop offering our software via perpetual licences."

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