Update available on some libraries but do they work with Kontakt 7.4.2?

Luca Lindemann
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I logged in my NA and I found out I have 11 libraries with an update available. The problem is that I have Kontakt 7.4.2 but the libraries work with 7.6. What happens if I update them? Do they still work with no implementations or they stop running?

I have Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.7.





  • Jojo123
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    Dont update them or you'll be in a world of pain. The forum is littered with people dealing with the aftermath of updating their products when they're on an earlier version of Kontakt, both K6 and earlier K7. You're also on Catalina and Im not sure what your computer is and if the OS can be updated.

    There is a thread for people to roll back their versions who have inadvertantly updated. For various reasons, that can be a painful experience as well. Im one of those who updated 2 products one of which fails to download of the horrible google drive.

    Hope this helps.

  • Luca Lindemann
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    Thanks Joio123, no my Mac can't update anymore. Catalina is the highest system on this Mac, that's a mid 2014 I guess. Next year I'm planning to upgrade with a new Mac, otherwise in a couple of years everything will be too much out of date. 😥

    Thanks again for the advise. I'll wait the new Mac then.

    Have a nice new year's time!

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