Easiest way to get Maschine mk3 and S49 MkII playable, different instruments on keys and drums

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I stupidly grabbed the Maschine Mk3 (non standalone) thinking it would easily integrate with the S49. Love both on their own, love the screens to quickly navigate, love the workflow on the Maschine where I can do almost everything without a computer screen and mouse.

I just want to play 2 different instruments on the keys and pads. I like that the other controls are mirrored, but why can’t you split up the keys and pads? Short of workarounds using it as a dumb midi controller into something else?

If I buy a DAW will that allow both to work at the same time with library navigation? Any DAW’s use the Maschine screen?


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    boo Member Posts: 3 Member
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    Would it just make more sense for simplicity to treat the S49 as a standalone synth with its own computer and just use the Maschine hooked up to another computer and just sample the S49? I’m not a musician, synth noob, just like coming up with some beats and pieces in my free time.

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