Downloads are taking absolutely way too long

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I've checked my download speed several times on this macbook pro, im getting up to 210+ download everytime. However when im downloading studio drummer and kontakt 7 their download times are nearly a full day for a collective 8ish GB download. My firewall is turned off, ive gone and tweaked every setting this site has recommended and still nothing. I keep getting the "Waiting for connection" error.

i tried downloading them on my windows PC which is connected by ethernet and im still getting the same issues. If its something greater in the internet settings, im unable to control it since its my landlords wifi. I just want to download my Kits so i can start recording music again, but this entire issue has been not only irritating but completely disheartening. Starting to regret the purchase all together.


  • Jojo123
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    Id say its better to use ethernet if you can on your Mac. Also, the general consensus is that its not a good idea to download Mac files on a PC. The resource forks in the Mac filesystem can get broken. A zip file is safe though.

    I dont know what you mean by 210+ but even my connection which is by no means fast can download 8 GB in about an hour under normal circumstances.

  • jchandler
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    im not downloading the mac files on my PC. I downloaded native access on my normal PC using the windows install to see if it would also have issues downloading Kontakt 7 and studio drummer. My PC is connected via ethernet and its still saying its taking almost a full day for the 8 GB download. The 210+ Mb/s is my download speed even without an ethernet connected to my macbook.

  • DunedinDragon
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    I suspect there's something wrong with your internet connection and throughput. There's nothing from NI that downloads that slow for me and I've got all of the Kontakt drummer libraries, but I did upgrade the speed from my internet provider which you may need to ask your landlord to do. Chances are he's got the rock bottom speed from his ISP to save money.

  • jchandler
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    thing is, i dont have this issue downloading anything else. Games on my PC download near instantly, same for other devices connected by wifi like our phones, xbox, switch, etc. ill talk with my landlord though, luckily he is my father in law and he works in IT. the only common denominators is either the internet or Native access so its gotta be something going wrong with either.

  • daviddonald
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    Your rapid download speeds seem to be clashing with a stubborn "Waiting for connection" error, causing Studio Drummer and Kontakt 7 downloads to crawl at a snail's pace. While firewall settings and tweaks haven't helped, the issue potentially lies beyond your control with your landlord's Wi-Fi. 

    Understandable that this delay is disheartening and impacting your music creation, but don't give up on the purchase yet! Explore alternative download options like split files or contacting the software provider for direct download links. This might be the key to breaking through the connection bottleneck and getting back to making music.

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