Feedback - Komplete Kontrol 3.0

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I would also like to add what I would like to see for Komplete Kontrol in the future.

I'm a self-employed musician and nowadays music production is getting faster and faster.

That's why I think Komplete Kontrol is so fantastic.


Since the update the following changes bother me:


1.) Advertising for new products is out of place in the main window and draws additional CPU that is needed elsewhere. When I'm in a music session, I'm not interested in new vst, vsti's...

2.) Brand/Sound Type/Character... With the old version you could select everything straight away without having to click on the respective tab again (time saving)

3.) All Presets...Please put it back on the left side

4.) If I then click on a preset under "All Presets", the corresponding plugin opens, but the "All Presets" field then disappears and I have to click on Overview again at the top so that I have the "All Presets" view again ( time saving)

5.) In the previous version you could drag the name of the preset with the mouse to the empty sample and the name was automatically adopted (FL Studio), this is no longer possible with version 3.0.3

I really hope that this will be fixed in the next update, otherwise I will never be able to update Komplete Kontrol again as the above points are seriously affecting me in my production.

Thx for reading!


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