Exporting Maschine 2 MIDI files into Logic Pro - Why are SOME notes not playing back?

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Hi, I think what I am trying to should be simple. I'm running Maschine 2 as a plugin instrument in Logic Pro X. I have a pattern created in Maschine 2 and when I use the MIDI Pattern drag function to the same track in Logic that the plugin is located not all of the notes will play back from Logic. It's strange because if I click the notes in the Logic piano role the notes will all play. But when I hit the play button only some of the notes will sound.

So for instance the kick drum of the pattern will transfer the kick notes that are in the pattern via MIDI drag, but Logic will only play some of them.

I have looked at the MIDI event list in Logic and it shows the notes on the correct MIDID channel but Logic won't trigger all of them. If I step through the event list they DO play, but when I hit the transport play button only some trigger!

How can this be?

Also, it appears the CC info does not transfer with the exported MIDI file. I really didn't want to export them as audio so I can edit later.


  • Milos
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    Did you try manual recording of the samples as an alternative?

    For example, just manualy record one sample beat, and then just copy paste it.

    I had the same issue with Kontakt Factory Library 2.

    When I draged any sample beat from the library, it played the same beat that I didn't wanted and it also played some of the notes only.

    So, just manually record the sample from ear, and then copy paste it in the track over and over again.

    If you don't want to waste time with clicking for copypasting over and over again, just make a keyboard shortcut for copying and pasting and then copypaste the beat you manually creates from ear.

    Let me know if this helped.

  • frankjonez
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    That is a good work around. I like the perform options of CC control I get when I keep the pattern in Maschine 2. I'll use your option when I need to get it directly into Logic.

    It's just strange that the MIDI notes transfer over into Logic but only some of them play - even of the same part. So all the Kick notes transfer with MIDI drag but when I play them back in Logic some of the notes don't trigger unless I "play" them in the editor or event list mode in Logic.

    Maybe there is some strange CC data that's hidden and it's muting some. When I look in the editor I don't see any evidence of that though.

    Thanks for the reply!

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