what is the next step for Traktor update

when we gonna have the next update

day time mode

preparation list aka Queue List (same one that we have on traktor DJ very nice )

less flickering

life stem separations

better and smoother UI


i am honestly waiting but it looks like they stopped working on anything even the so colled road map is not updated


  • Harald Walker
    Harald Walker Member Posts: 21 Member

    At least some updates are happening again but it is going slowly. I think that new controller messed up the roadmap and obviously they could not reveal that beforehand.

  • atanas kuzmanov
    atanas kuzmanov Member Posts: 11 Member

    very slow development realty unpleasant looking all other DJ software going crazy with things that we dont even asking here, we asking for some simple day mode more stable UI even if the stems separations comes late I don’t need them that much but simple improvements like preparation list day mode etc are a must have

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