Mic input on Z2 never works !!

Marcus Baram
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I’m starting to feel like I’m cursed.

I bought an almost-new Traktor Kontrol Z2 three years ago on Mercari, which worked perfectly well except the mic input never functioned. I tried using different cords, bought several dynamic mics and it never worked.

Finally, I appealed to Native Instruments and they sent me a brand-new Z2 if I sent in the old one plus $219. Just tried it out— it looks beautiful and still has that new smell.

But the mic input STILL doesn’t work!

Can someone please watch the below video and tell me what I’m doing wrong…?!?

Thanks much, Marcus

(I posted a video on the Traktor subreddit under the same title)



  • Uwe303
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    i´m not the greatest traktor expert but in the manual it says that there are 2 modes, one where the mic is going directly to master and another where you can route it via usb to a live input deck. Unfortunatly the manual states to look into section 5.4.8 on how to switch those modes for the mic, i simply can´t find it there, only for the deck flavours. I guess you are in the mode where the mic is routed via usb to traktor and not directly to the master out. Have you tried SHIFT + MIC Button, or something like that.

    P.S. there is an option under traktor prefs "route mic/aux input through traktor", you have to disable it manual 6.1.1

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