Help?? Kontakt 7, Controls not mapping to S61 Mk2

InvokeMusicINVK Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


Recently my S61 Mk2 keyboard stopped midi mapping to controls like knobs, browser and anything else in Kontakt 7. I'm unable to control nor tweak any of parameters from the S61 when using the play series in Kontakt 7 etc. The S61 Keyboard doesn't recognize Kontakt 7 at all. The loaded instrument in Kontakt 7 doesn't display anything on the S61, just stays in midi mode. I've tried reset Shift+Plugin, changed the cable, did a Kontakt reinstall, opened Kontakt in standalone, S61 plugged directly in to my Mac, with additional power and nothing seems to fix the issue. Komplete Kontrol works correctly. Can anyone help? Any idea what I can try next?

Thank you


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