Blocks Base Missing From Native Access?

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I can't seem to get Blocks Base, when I try to download the demo via the website it tells me to download Reaktor Player (which I already have) but there is no Blocks Base included. When I open Reaktor there is a 'patch' section but it says Blocks isn't installed and to open Native Access which just sends me in circles. Anybody else getting the same?


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    Native Instruments recently neutered the Komplete Start that they give people so that it apparently no longer contains Reaktor Player 6 - at least it is no longer mentioned. At the same time then N.I. have had some problems getting their internet site pages updated to reflect the changes in policy. So when one clicks the Free Download to get the Blocks Base here , then that is actually a link to the Komplete Start that previously contained the Reaktor Player 6 (?) . So it appears as if N.I. has not yet updated their pages to tell what is actually up and what is down ! You could try to ask N.I. support here: if they will provide a download link to Blocks Base for your Komplete Start (Please get Komplete Start if you have not got that already , click all the way through until registered to account).

    In the mean time then there are free Blocks downloads from these places :

    Unfiltered Audio have the Euro Reakt - Free Edition

    ToyBoxAudio has some free downloads at the bottom of their front-page

    User Library :

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    Thanks for the explanation PoorFellow. I've got Komplete Start yes and Komplete Select that comes with Reaktor Player 6. I just couldn't figure it out but now I know. Thanks again.

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    Thank you for the feedback. If you got the Komplete Select then you can see and compare content on the compare page ! And when you are logged in then you can see present prices on your Komplete Offers on this page ! Upgrading your bundle is by far the most economic way of getting better versions of apps and more content, especially while there is a sale going on !

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    You're not alone! Recent changes to Komplete Start seem to have removed Blocks Base, leaving you in a download loop. While NI updates their website, try contacting their support for a direct download link or explore free Blocks alternatives like Unfiltered Audio's Euro Reakt and ToyBoxAudio's free downloads.

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    Facing issues with Blocks Base in recent Komplete Start updates? Don't worry; you're not alone. While Native Instruments resolves the problem, contact support for a direct download link. In the meantime, explore alternatives like Unfiltered Audio's Euro Reakt and ToyBoxAudio's free downloads to keep your creative flow uninterrupted.

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