Feeling a little bit lied to over S88 MK3 stock

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Hi everyone,

I purchased a Kontrol S88 Mk3 direct from the website on Friday - the item was in stock and had an estimated dispatch time of 1-2 days, with a delay to delivery of 5-7 days as I'm in the UK. I was expecting the status of my order to have changed to dispatched yesterday, but the order is still showing as "In Progress" which is pretty vague. So I visited the forum to see if anyone else is having issues with their orders, and I can see there's some significant delays with supply, and although customer support are saying that I should be patient, I do get the impression that we're not being given the full picture about the stock issues. I have had a look at the website and the S88 is now out of stock again. Other online retailers are pushing back their stock availability dates every day - musicmatter.co.uk for example had stock being available on the 11th, and then 14th, and then 18th, and now you go to their website and it's saying the estimated stock availability date will be the 19th Dec. I just get the feeling that we're being drip-fed information about the stock so that people don't dump the orders as they doubt they will receive them for Christmas (which lets face it a huge majority of these orders now will be Christmas presents)

Please can I get a guarantee that my order will at least be dispatched in the next couple of days? I am out of the country for a week leading up to Christmas, I need to know when to expect the delivery and everything just seems very vague and wishy-washy when it comes to actual communications. It seems like some people have been waiting since October to receive their S88's so what hope do I have of receiving my order before Christmas?




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