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I wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem. I recently changed the old Mac for a new one. Installed Traktor and loaded all my tracks. Almost all of them have lost the cover art. The program won't show them even though they are still attached to the original mp3 files. Curiously, some tracks still show the cover art.. a really small amount of them. New tracks also show cover arts. Deleting the file and adding it again solves the problem. But I don't want to erase and re-load the entire collection, lose playlists and all..

I read about the "Re-embed Artwork" script... however, I don't have my collection on Itunes/Music App, but in an external HD. Why isn't Traktor showing cover arts?


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    I did it.. it took about an hour for a collection of 6K tracks.

    I'll explain here, in case someone needs it:

    1 - export playlists NML files somewhere

    2 - select all tracks not showing cover art and use 1st option to delete them: "delete from collection"

    3 - import music folders: all tracks will show up again and their cover art will show up too

    4 - re-import playlists

    Takes some time to analyze time and recover tags like comments, genre, cue points, etc.. but nothing will be lost

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