Why I am not being treated as a proper customer ?

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In June 2023 I bought a S88 MK2 and have been using it since. I like both the instrument as well as the software, samples, etc.

About 5 weeks ago several keys on the keyboard started to develop a clikcing and mechanical sound which is very disturbing when playing.

To cut a long story short - because I live on the island of Mallorca in Spain, Native Intruments refuses to support me properly. Today they send me a quote of (in total) € 662,- to ship an empty box for me to send the keyboard to them and to return it to me.

The instruments price as 880,- when I bought it at Thomann in June. NI is forcing me to go through Thomann who are now telling me it wil be 5 weeks to get it repaired.

I think this is unreasonable, not customer friendly and honestly impudent. If an instrument like the S88 Mk2 fails already after 6 months (of moderate use) than I can not understand that I am being charged for shipping cost as this is clearly a warranty problem !

I am also at a loss to understand how a company like Native Instruments is telling me "we do not ship to Mallorca" ... really ? Everybody else does !!! It sounds like more "go away, I dont want to deal with your problem"

Of course, as is the case with so many companies today, it is not possible to speak to somebody directly, not even via Email. Of course - they would have a hard time arguing their case - so its easier to hide behind anonymous email accounts and basically tell the customer to F+++ Off.

I hope somebody a NI management reads this and reaches out to help.



  • Maciej Repetowski
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    Why not use Thomann’s 3 year warranty instead of having to deal with NI? I live in UK (also an island 😆) and I have never had a problem with sending anything back to Thomann. They provide pre paid return labels and all you need to do is to post it.

    Thomann is a bit slow, but still excellent service.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Smokey63 I am sorry to hear about your issue and I can understand some of the frustration and dismay. However, I need to point a few things out. You bought the keyboard through Thomann. We can sometimes take over but, in your case, given your location, it's not possible to cover the costs of shipping so we recommended you to deal directly with Thomann, the store where you bought the unit, they have great warranties and policies. I understand that the issue is you do not have the original packaging and Thomann can't send the empty boxes. Maybe you can find some packaging of your own and send it to Thomann? Given your location, the turnaround would be around the same if it went through NI (4 to 5 weeks).

    We do not hide behind emails or send you away, we are giving you your options given the specifics of your case. However, I've escalated your case and my colleagues are checking if they can help in this case and they will get back to you.

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