Fables and Lores...can anyone share your pros/cons? Full versions in the sale?

TopoTone Member Posts: 16 Member

I see these are both on sale as a combo deal. On the same page, however, they show Fables on sale alone for the same price as both. Is there something I'm missing about this. Why would you buy only Fables, if both are the same price....I guess, if you already have Lores, but.... I assume they are the full versions and not any compromises if bought on the double product sale deal?

Aside from the above question, I'd be interested to hear if anyone loves Fables. The demo audio samples seem quite excellent for creating moody unique color to that genre. Seems like it would really fit well with my compositions. I use Omnisphere a lot, but Fables appears to offer an alternative to compelling layers of atmosphere, that are different.


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