Feature Request: Mixer View Shortcut on Maschine Jam

Jason_ZA Member Posts: 5 Member

I know that the Maschine Jam is old now but having to use my mouse every time to open the mixer view is a pain. It would be great if there could be a shortcut to get to the mixer view on Maschine Jam, if this is possible...


  • solsta
    solsta Member Posts: 91 Helper

    If you hold the level button on your machine jam and then click on a group button (A-H), you'll get the mixer view on the jam itself and if you click on any of the 16 drum pads while holding level you can go to the mixer view inside the group and control all the volume. So you can get mixer view on the jam, but only on the jam, there isn't a way to activate mixer view from the jam to the software. Even on my machine studio and Komplete Kontrol MK2, if I use the mixer button, it only shows on my device, I have to click the software to activate the mixer view on screen. Haven't heard of another way to deal with this apart from that way

  • Jaheid19
    Jaheid19 Member Posts: 36 Member

    On all Mk2,3 and Studio if hold Shift and Variation button it'll bring up Navigation from controller. At the Top You can choose to open the browser,mixer, modulation lane ALL IN THE SOFTWARE FROM THE CONTROLLER. Comes in handy when using Jam paired with MK3 and im not trying to use the mouse.

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