Maschine won't locate files transferred to my Samsung SSD drive

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I had a previous hard drive that was 6 something years old. I recently upgraded to a Samsung 4 TB SSD drive. I tried to be clever and rename it with the previous drive so it could locate the files. When I open Maschine and go to the location of where the sounds should be. They appear; when I double click to hear the sound/or automatically place it on the pad by double clicking it appears with in exclamation mark.

When I push the sample tab it shows locate. I tap that a box appears I see the name double click it works. I have 2.5 TB of sounds its no way I'm doing that it for each one. Absolutely not lol. To avoid that I went to preferences and rescanned the harddrive but when I try to double click on a sound the same exclamation mark appears. I tried to start from scratch rename the Samsung hard drive and all the previous sounds had exclamation marks which tells me it is reading the files when its renamed/filed in the previous location but it won't rescan the hard drive. Its throwing off my flow. I need to make beats....any Suggests..... and thank you in advance if any one has solutions.


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    Using the same name should work on MacOS, on windows not so much, in that case It's the drive letter that matters.

    Whats your OS and SSD file format?

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