MIDI CC 80 and MIDI CC 81 , Grup select

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Can you here help with my case, in making a switch from sound A to B via group and using MIDI CC 80 and MIDI CC 81 as controls, but I want there to be a pause every time I want to move or have to sound first before one sound can move, in the default program of The contact can only change sound when MIDI CC 80/81 is pressed, and when released it will move to the previous group, so what I want here is that when MIDI CC 80/81 is pressed it doesn't come back until there is sound from the selected group. sound. please help me, thank you


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    I can help but you need to try first. I cannot do it for you.

    1) Please improve the clarity on your explanation of what you want to do, it is a bit confusing now.

    2) Create a list of instructions in plain language of what has to happen for your goal behavior to happen

    3) Then code

    4) Then ask for help if you don't accomplish what you want

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    Thank you for replying @Gablux .

    Here I am trying to create 3 groups in the editor group, and from these 3 groups I function to make one sound wrong or not at the same time.

    (Group 1) I function as the main group or sound that is always active, group 1 will be inactive when there is a MIDI CC 80 or 81 signal.

    (group 2 midi CC80) and 3 midi CC81) I function as a replacement group when there is a MIDI CC 80 or 81 signal, maybe like a program change,

    So, when I give the CC 80 midi signal, it's correct, in the editor group, group 2 is immediately active, when I turn off the CC 80 midi signal, group 2 is immediately inactive and is replaced by group 1 which functions as the main sound.

    So, what is possible when you turn off the Midi CC 80 so that it doesn't immediately deactivate group 2, but you have to play the sound stored in group 2 once before deactivating it and moving to group 1 or the main sound.

    For code problems, I'm really a beginner, maybe someone here can help me

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    If you just want to use MIDI to control which group is active, you need use only one cc# (e.g. cc80) and give each group a different range (e.g. 0-40, 41-80, 81-127) in the Group Start Options. You don't "turn off" a cc, you just change its value.

    If you want it to delay changing the group until one more note has been played, I can't imagine why, but it could be done with a (not very simple) script. Please clarify.

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