Still getting chronic Download Failed messages. Are there direct links to .isos available?

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Just splurged on the Stradivari Cello. Cannot for love nor money get it to download though.

Had this problem w Komplete 13; all large instruments tended to fail repeatedly, but I'd just cycle through the Download Queue, hitting Retry on each in turn—they'd manage to download another few gigs before failing again—and eventually they all downloaded and installed OK.

Not this time, though. Hitting Retry instantly brings up Download failed again.

I'm reasonably technically ept, but happy to have anything I've missed pointed out:

  • plenty of disk space on all disks;
  • separate disks (not just folders) for downloads/app/data;
  • Full Disk Access enabled;
  • wired ethernet, not WiFi;
  • restarted machine, no other apps running etc (repeatedly);
  • fixed the weird (!) Application Location bug by recreating the NI application folder
  • repeatedly cleared any vestiges of previous failed downloads etc

... and still the Strad Cello fails, usually around 50% of the way through downloading. My ISP must love me.

My main gig is graphics, and my internet connectivity is pretty reliable; regularly shift terabytes up and down the line. So I figure this is either down to Native Access weirdnesses (?), or something on the other end of my connection - maybe my ISP has a broken cache of this file, or whatever CDN NI use is playing silly.

So: is there a direct link to an ISO of any of these plugins? I'm imagining it wouldn't be a security / piracy issue as Native Access provides authentication/activation separately from the installers themselves. Or ... what's my best way forward here?


  • PK The DJ
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    Considering your post is about downloads, you've not given much info about your connection.

    What type of connection is it? Phone line? Full fibre? What's the download speed?

    Who is your ISP? Where are you based? Is your location rural or urban?

  • howiem
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    1Gbit cable; download speeds usually between 800Mbit and 1.2Gbit. Based in Birmingham, UK; ISP is Virgin Media. Very definitely urban :)

  • PK The DJ
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    OK so a major provider in a big city. Maybe it's just busy?

    Are you downloading at what would be considered peak times? Have you tried at a different time?

    You mention a download queue. Did you try downloading one at a time instead?

    Wait a sec - searching the forum shows others have had issues downloading the cello pack too. Could be the file itself is damaged.

    There are at least three other threads.

  • howiem
    howiem Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Don't tend to suffer too much from contention here, but yep, have tried a few times, different times of day.

    Trawled the forums before posting, and yes — there seem to be numerous threads about download issues. Have tried the various mitigations discussed in those threads. And while it's the Strad Cello I'm particularly sore about (cos I just bought it and could do with using it on a current track ;) the same issues are stopping me downloading other large packages too - Session Horns Pro etc). Hence trying to see if there's an alternative way to download the ISOs.

    In theory a download manager like NA ought to make life easier than standard http downloads (being able to queue / automatically install, resume interrupted downloads etc) but when it doesn't work for whatever reason, it'd be good to have a fallback installation option.

  • PK The DJ
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    I'd suggest contacting support at this point, who can then probably point you to a direct download via private message.

  • Ojustaboo
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    I had the same problem (windows not Mac) they sent me links to isos, they also kept failing for the cello.

    NI sent me the following which worked fine (note, make sure you move the unzipped directory to where you want the cello installed to, if you leave it in your downloads directory it will expect it to always be there)


    Let's bypass the installer via zipped library folder:


    Dowload and unzip the file

    press "..." next to its entry in Native Access and select "Locate"

    browse to the unzipped "Stradivari Cello Library" folder and select it.

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