Why pay for K14 Standard again?

Towjam Member Posts: 26 Member

When I purchased my S61 MK2, I received K14 Select as part of a special deal. I then paid to upgrade to K14 Standard. So at this point, I own the license to "KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD Upgrade for KSelect"

Today I was looking at the specials up on NI's site, and I noticed that I can "upgrade" to K14 Standard for $299.50. My question: Why would it show me an upgrade of $299 if I already own K14 Standard?


  • Towjam
    Towjam Member Posts: 26 Member

    Disregard. I got my answer via the NI Facebook User Group. In short, the $299.50 is if I wanted to buy a second license. For that same amount though, I was able to upgrade to Ultimate thanks to the Cyber Season sale NI has going on.

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