Starting from zero by an old Kontrol S4

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Hello Community,

Once I have got an old Kontrol S4. After many years now I have some time to learn mixing music. I have zero experience in mixing, but have good ears for rhythm. I would have many questions. :) Is this machine still recommended to use? Isn't it too old? What are the disadvantages of it, compared to a newer release? Is the appropriate software still available? How to use it, are there tutorials available? How to start learning? :) etc.

I don't intend to build a DJ-career, just would like to enjoy mixing my wide range of electronic music I collected in the past 20 years.

Appreciate all advice. Thank you.



  • lord-carlos
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    The controller will not work on modern Mac OS. Though should be fine on Windows.

    Should be plenty fine to get into DJing.

    There are plenty of DJ tutorials out there. Start with learning how to use Traktor and Phrasing. Good luck, have fun.

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