Kontakt 7 crashes in Fl Studio 21 when changing presets (KT-8739)

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I have a problem since I got Kontakt 7 a few days ago. Every time I load up the VST in FL and want to click through the Librarys Instruments and Sounds while playing notes or draw notes into piano roll and let them play. Every time, sometimes already after 2 clicks or sometimes 4, it always crashes with the error "Kontakt 7 crashed while processing. Disabled". The crash is so that the Plugin remains visible and FLStudio keeps going as well only the sound disappears and after that I cant click anything anymore in Kontakt 7 and neither in FlStudio. When I try to exit FL it doesnt respond and I have to forcefully exit.

So first of all if I load kontakt everything works i can also click as many instrument options etc. . Only if I play notes or let something play, while selecting other sounds it crashes.

I can use kontakt 7 standalone in windows without problems while playing and selecting.

I did try many things like updating reinstalling and things like "bridged" option or fixed buffer.

I need help please if there is any possibility for it, like that its not useable at all.

Thank you very much, let me know if you need more infos i left a screenshot.

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  • JVW
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    thanks for the response, I saw the article but my Kontakt 7 doesnt crash in standalone only in FLStudio

    and I forgot to mention some important points. I run windows through bootcamp. And also I dont know if this all has any meaning in this but for some reason I am getting an error on my windows updates since a few months and cant update quality and security fixes. Thanks for your help !

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    i can not see any connection with running windows through bootcamp, since the problem appears only on FL Studio. Also, getting an error on windows updates, not allowing you to install security fixes, is a serious problem, however it is not related to your problem.

    About your problem, it is possible to get a solution on the FL Forum, but i can not see details since i am not a member there. Have a look:

  • JVW
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    okay yes I think so too, so basically I realize now I can use Kontakt in general, the problem is rather using the Instruments from the PlaySeries with A and B selection. When I play while selecting a new sound.

    Thanks for the suggestions

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @JVW So the issue is only happening with Play Series? Are these libraries installed at the same location as your other libraries? Loading the same instruments and doing the same thing does not crash in standalone?

    Are you running Kontakt and FL Studio as admin? How to Run a Program as an Administrator

  • de1pher
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    I noticed a similar problem, although my crashes don't seem to be as frequent as yours. Nonetheless, the Play Series in particular seem to be very unstable (but my crashes aren't limited to these instruments only). I'm running Kontakt via FL Studio on an M1 MacBook Pro

  • Mangmod
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    I am having similar problems, but not with Kontakt 7 (It works well as a plugin), but with Komplete Kontrol. The issue mostly occurs when I use the Symphony Series libraries. If I am playing a track and switch with another instrument, it goes "Kontakt 7 crashed while processing. Disabled" and I am forced to close FL Studio as well. I tried the steps above, but I cannot solve the issue now. I can use Kontakt as a plugin rather than KK, but I lost the integration with the S88Mk2.

    Note: This issue did not occur with the older versions of Komplete Kontrol.

    Edit: I stress-tested this after editing some settings on the standalone Kontakt application (changed the preload buffer size to 240, enabled multiprocessor support and enabled CPU overload protection - albeit I never had CPU issues) and I have to say it is a bit more stable, Piano Colors and Una Corda used to have some instability issues but they don't seem to happen anymore. The issue remains with Symphony Series, although I had to do some very quick arpeggio while changing the instrument for it to crash - and make FL Studio crash as well.

    A further update: I did another stress test, the crash occurs in Komplete Kontrol as well, but NOT in Kontakt 7, so I think this narrows the issue down to Komplete Kontrol I guess. Please feel free to move this post into another thread if needed.

    Hope this report can be of use!

  • blackcapricorn
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    I have same problem.

    kontakt 7 crashes when you change presets while playing,with FL studio(when not playing,no crash).

    K6 with Fl studio and standalone K7 it's fine. win10,not bootcamp.

    And not only play series, other developer kontakt libraries for example spitfire and soniccouture.

    I don't think Imageline-FL studio will fix this soon then I wanna revert kontakt7.

    Where can I download old version?

    Though I don't know what version this bug started with, I recently noticed.

  • JVW
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    Hey sorry for the late response, yes it only happened when selecting sounds in the Play Series, for example in the Analog Dreams Library Window selecting sounds while playing would result in the crash. Maybe it has something to do with the streamlined interface in the Play Series? And yes it was not any problem in Standalone! And also Running as admin did not help.

    I dont have any problems with Kontakt 7 in all other Libraries where you have to load each sound separately, so I am able now to utilize it perfectly fine and I just avoid using the the Libraries with the open interface.

    Let me know if there is an update to this topic!

    Thanks for your help and everybody else who gave his takes to it here!

  • blackcapricorn
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    To be detailed, it crashes preset changing by using internal preset change options like some preset change button within GUI. seems loading samples while playing causes crash. Anyway preset change from kontakt GUI while playing does not cause crash.

  • MarcusOlivus
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    This is happening to me as well.

    Mostly when using Audio Imperia products (I don't use any of the play series).

    Is there a fix / workaround for this?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    I could reproduce the issue with Ethereal Earth and FL Studio 21.2 and Kontakt 7.7.2 on a M1 mac too. Trying to get some info, see if this has been flagged already.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @MarcusOlivus It seems that all the others here have issues with the Play Series when playing notes while changing samples in the A/B section of the libraries. You mention Audio Imperia products, which ones exactly and how does the crash happen?

  • echoesfrominfinity
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    Besides the Play Series instruments, I too have been experiencing the same issue with Audio Imperia's Nucleus, Strezov Sampling's Afflatus Minimalist Violins Free, and The Felt Seiler Free Edition. In the case of Nucleus, the crash seems to happen when switching articulations while a MIDI note has been triggered on. With the other two libraries, it happens when toggling mic positions.

    This is also persistent in a few non-NKS compatible libraries such as Audio Ollie's LA Modern Percussion, Nashville Scoring Strings, and Strezov Sampling's Thunder X3M Freebie, again, when toggling mic positions.

    In fact, this generally seems to be happening in most libraries that involve updating the sample pool on the fly either by toggling mics on/off, switching articulations, or changing presets/sounds while a note is playing. From my experience, the only libraries where this problem hasn't occurred have been Lunaris 2, Bioscape, and the Kontakt Factory Library.

    Hope this info helps!

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @echoesfrominfinity Thanks a lot for this info, I'm forwarding it to the devs.

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