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I bought the 49 key MK2 and the Komplete 14 Software bundle on Sunday 11/24/23 during your Black Friday sale. I decided I wanted to trade up to the 61 key MK2 instead. I used the online Web Shop & Order Portal to send a letter just an hour after I purchased 11/24, so we could fix this before it shipped. I have now sent you two notes on the web-order portal, and most recently, I finally submitted on 11/26/23 a request for a refund and a resolution to my multiple requests for help. I have yet to have a response. 

Here is the current situation: The 49-key unit arrived yesterday. I want to return the 49 key and get the 61 key. The price difference is $100.

What should I do to get this request acknowledged and resolved? What's the reasonable expectation your customers should have for a response and to resolve my/our issues? 

I am a big fan of NI/Izotope and have purchased over $2k worth of your product offerings. I expect a response and resolution on a timely basis. Even if this was my first NI/Izotope purchase with you all, your customers deserve a response and resolution. I am very frustrated. I can’t get started with learning/using the MK2/-14, and I cannot open the 49 key to start learning, but your website says you will not accept returns of open items.

PO: 60000982855C and PO: 60000982924C, Ticket number for the refund request: 4131003

I am again asking for help via this chat because I have done what your site says to do. You seem to hide your phone number for customer service, I can't find your phone number anywhere on your website or the web. 

Could someone please help me?


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    No good news here as unfortunately this is a forum site and therefore it is very unlikely that anyone can resolve your issues.

    It would be advisable to raise a support ticket directly with NI. However seeing as the new keyboards have just been released and there is currently a sale ongoing support may be very busy and unable to provide an immediate response.

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    Like DodMod said, support is quite busy these days, so... please be patient. I know it's inconvenient and not ideal (totally get your frustration!), but it is what it is right now. Especially with sale season going on, you may not receive a response immediately.

    Also, note that there is no phone number for customer service - only a ticket system/chat.

    I'm tagging @Jeremy_NI, so he may assist. He's usually doing his best to help.

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    @THParker64 I already replied in another thread. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, as other users said, it's the peak sales time of the year. Someone should get back to you soon to sort this out.

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    Hello- I got then S49 MK3 up and running. The key was to turn off wireless, turn off iCloud, turn off Apple ID, replace the cord that came with the unit with an apple USB C cable, add another Apple USB C cord as a charger.

    My unit is missing one of the two screws from the back plug-in panel. Could I please get one replacement screw?

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