Apple M1/M2 with Traktor compatible?

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Hello everyone.

Im planning to upgrade from my MacBook Pro 13 2015 to something new from the line. My budget a bit limited this time, so look at these options:

1) Macbook Air M1 16GB 512GB

2) Macbook Air M2 8GB 512GB

3) Macbook Pro M3 8GB 256GB

plesse advise if any from us using one these machines, or heard anything. As on the paper all of them sounds milestones ahead from my old macbook in terms of perfomance.

Main doubts raised from several comments i saw on facebook mac group, saying that M1 and M2 not good at all, and you will get audio drops very quick after start using.


  • viper9711
    viper9711 Member Posts: 65 Helper

    MacBook Pro M1 16GB, Traktor latest Version, S4 MK3 - no problems

  • djdyp
    djdyp Member Posts: 2 Member

    Macbook air m1 8gb ram, works good. 0problems

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