Need help with connecting a 2nd Laptop to Traktor Pro 2

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Hi all,, First time caller here-

So I currently have 2 DJ laptops that i use when djing with Traktor Pro 2-

The main Macbook is connected to my Denon DJ Controller- no issues there.

The issue is my 2nd macbook. It is a Mid-2013 so newest OS it can go to is 10.15.

I have been using the Numark DJIO controller to run it to the 3/4 channels on the controller, but that no longer works.

I need to find a new audiocard that can connect to the controller via usb and has rca connection outputs.

Numark said that card has been discontinued as of 4 years ago.

I have Traktor Pro 2 on the "backup" maccbook as well.

I just need a simple way to get audio from said macbook to the rca inputs on the controller that is compatible with Traktor.

Any suggestions??

Greatly appreciated


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