Any info as to why new Audiolens 1.2 update to is 4 times the filesize?

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I was checking on the Izotope site and noticed the 1.2 version of Audiolens is almost 4 times the download size of 1.1. That is a massive increase that I find difficult to understand.

I looked over the Izotope site and couldn't find any details or release notes for these updates, so I have no idea why the file size grew so much, nor why I should or need to update to 1.2.

So was wondering if anyone had any further details as to what 1.2 fixes or adds to Audiolens and if there was any reason for the massive size increase. Ideally I'd love to see some release notes, but not sure they exist?


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    There is nothing in the release notes to justify the change in file size.

    My guess is that the changes either consists of (upcoming?) GUI related changes (such as seen in connection with updated requirements to some N.I. programs) or there has been added something for (internal/beta) experimenting with support for Native Access download and install !


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