Bought a product and no serial number?

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I bought a product from Isotope RX 10 but it wasn't in my Product Portal. I came to my account at NI and it shows but no serial number? Trying to reach support for not received product link says Ohhh sorry your not permitted?

Anyone have similar issues?


  • Milos
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    Maybe yoi should check your email r your account on either Izotipe or NI with the secrion that contains Serial Number.

  • PoorFellow
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    edited November 2023

    N.I. have had more issues for some customers lately, e.g. :

    Technical issue affecting some orders placed between Nov 22 - 27, 2023 :

    If you have the type of site use issue that you describe when trying to reach support then there are two things to always try !

    1. Try using another browser , and in that browser use no plugins and also accept all cookies. Browsers suggested to try is e.g. Vivaldi browser and Opera browser (that to check for any problems in connection with the browser that you use !)
    2. Try at another time , especially if sales are going on, there might be periodical problems !

    Also , if problem persists then please state/confirm at which URL/site that you bought and where you try to contact support , at ? or at ? There have been site problem also with reaching customer service but they were supposedly fixed already ! ?

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