Is it possible to replace the toms of an Abbey Roads kit with the toms of another Abbey Roads kit?

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I would like to replace the toms of the AR Vintage Ebony Kit with the toms from the AR 50s Autumn kit in a single instance of Kontakt, and then use multi-channel outputs to mix each element in my DAW. I would like to conserve my computer’s resources by purging all elements of the 50s Autumn kit that aren’t the toms, but at the same time maintaining mixing capabilities like room mics in both kits.

Is this possible? Are there online resources to guide me through the process? I can’t seem to find a way of searching for an answer without being inundated with how to setup multi-channel outputs in Kontakt. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


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    Not that I know of. These are different Kontakt libraries.


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    So I’ve been working on this. And in broad strokes it’s completely possible to do this. I’m doing this on an iPad from memory, but here’s how it’s done

    1) Open a multi output instance of Kontakt (I suggest a 25 stereo output instance - even though some kit elements are mono), 2) load both instruments in Kontakt which creates a multi, 2) set both the MIDI inputs on each instrument to the same channel (this will trigger both kits simultaneously), 3) unload the pieces of each kit that you won’t be using in kit view (there’s a button in kit view that makes this very easy), 4) unload the channels from each kit’s respective mixer (again there’s a button in the drum’s mixer view that makes this very easy), 5) set up the outputs of Kontakt to reflect what order you would like them to appear in your DAW (this is where having 25 stereo outputs will allow you to make ordering easier and intuitive), 6) hit the “!” In Kontakt so you can rout the outputs of your drum mixer to the appropriate Kontakt output, 7) in each drum mixer, select setting, and rout each channel’s output to the desired Kontakt output, 8) in the in your DAW (mine is Logic) expand the auxiliary MIDI channels to bring each individual channel from Kontakt into your DAW.

    If anyone else has this question, I will make a post from my computer with screenshots. I’m certain I can’t be the only person who wants to do this and unfortunately there’s not a lot of straightforward info online, it’s difficult to find, and these forums don’t provide much useful info either.

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